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Discover the BEST solution over replacement windows.  Magnetite offers a superior solution for all of your existing windows.  Magnetite seals out drafts, keeps your home quiet, and makes your home significantly more thermally efficient.  Save up to 40-60% over replacement windows.

What is Magnetite?

Your existing window is retrofitted with a patented Magnetite framing system. This system allows any Magnetite panel to magnetically fit into place with an airtight seal, thus providing you with unparalleled sound control, thermal comfort, and overall energy efficiency. No messy construction. Magnetite is a premium window solution able to to fit any size and shape of your existing windows.


Professional Installation and More...

Not only will IES Green provide you with professional installation of your Magnetite panels; we will also:

·         Conduct before and after blower door testing to measure improved energy efficiency.

·         Complete before and after infrared camera photos.

·         Test Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) and gas leakage to ensure your home is safe.

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Visit the Magnetite website for additional product details.